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Step by step guide on how to use Mailchimp in Mailcheck

By Fara M

Last Update 11 ngày trước

Lots of emails sent every day via Mailchimp, however, the majority of the emails got bounced.

In order to prevent it, we've created Mailcheck.

Let me show the easiest way to validate your audience before starting the campaign.

What you need:

1. You have to be registered in

2. And be a Mailchimp User

Step 1:

- Go to Integration page

- Click on "Connect" button

Step 2:

- Log in your Mailchimp account

- Allow Mailcheck to view Mailchimp data

Step 3:

- Once the account connected click on "Mailchimp" to start the validation process:

Step 4:

- You can also see the number of emails on the Mailchimp

- Click "Process" to start the validation operation

Step 5:

- If the process has started you'll be prompted to "History" tab where you can see the progress of the validation, once it's done, the information will be sent to Mailchimp

Step 6:

- Let's go to Mailchimp to see the results:

- Go to the audience section

- Choose all contacts

Step 7:

- In order to see Mailcheck results you have to activate the appropriate columns

- Click "Toggle columns" and choose from the dropdown menu "Mailcheck Score", "Mailcheck Status", "Mailcheck Date"

Step 8:

Now you can see the results

But how to filter the data?

Step 9:

- In order to filter your data in Mailchimp please click on "Edit segment"

- Choose "Mailcheck Status" "is" "invalid" you can actually type any of the existing statuses

- We have 3 options "Valid", "Invalid", "Risky"

- I've decided to choose "invalid" so I could unsubscribe them from emailing list

That's it 👍 

If you still have questions please contact our team via LiveChat or [email protected]

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